The Demo Lyrics

Cale Sampson : The Demo ( Disc Two ) ( 2009 )
1. Potential
2. C-A-L-E
3. Best Foot Forward feat. More or Les
4. The Facts of War
5. 2 Phenomenal Flows
6. Fate feat. Memo, Second Thought, Nfact
7. Just Skills
8. Hip Hop Head feat. D-Ray
9. 1994 to 96
10. Cale Sampson

Artist: Cale Sampson
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: Potential

Eh yo, you ever feel like you have a gift,
A special talent you're passionate about, which no one can take from you
And all you ever want, is a chance to use it to the fullest
But for whatever reason, it hasn't happened yet (huh)

[Verse 1]**
This is getting serious man, I'm desperate and broke
Overworking myself, I need to rest but I don't
And the future of my life and rap profession's a joke
The size of my wallet has got me questioning both
Like never before I'm second guessing my hunch
Thought I could rap with the best of em', Now I'm stressing a bunch
Putting holes in the wall, with this left-handed punch
I can't even take my girl out to breakfast or lunch
Too many bills to pay, my cheques ain't enough
Everthing's being sucked as the debt piles up
Now I'm thinking of stuff that might get me in cuffs
Starting to not give a ffff, "G I'm set to erupt!"
Pray to God I won't be singing these songs to myself
How the hell will I ever buy my Mom's a house
This is real life, this is a call for help
I'm doing all I can, I can't do it all by myself

[Chorus: 2X]**
I will fulfill my Potential
I will fulfill my Potential ( Yes )
I will fulfill my Potential ( Watch )
I will fulfill my Potential

[Verse 2]**
Giving up so much for my few moments of glory
But they're what I look forward to man, I'm not sorry
So surely, y'all understand it ain't personal
The love that I receive, I feel that I do deserve it yo
We all have a dream, I'm trying to live mine
I've given time to it everyday, since I've been Nine
And I've had several visions I saw in the past
Actually come true since I started to rap
That go way beyond the music, into others lives
As you hit them in the heart and stimulate their minds
So when this starts to happen, you realize
There ain't nothing that compares to how you feel now inside
I've devoted my life, to holding the mic
Cuz' I know that it might, just help me grow to new heights
I've been told all my life I'm a soldier who fights
Now the flow's so tight, all of my goals are in sight

[Verse 3]**
Sometimes I feel unstoppable, so motivated
Amped up, nothing can ever get in the way of it
I'm digging so deep inside to find fuel
When I get in touch with it, my rhymes defy rules
I'm feeling it, foreseeing what I can be
Like there's a Thousand friends all screaming inside of me
And pushing me, so Cale never falls behind
I have the strength of a Hundred men all combined
Gotta make time, to do what I know best
Sit at this desk, let ideas process
And watch them unravel, as the writing extends
It's natural, thoughts come to life through my pen
Animation, when I'm holding the pencil
Cale's rhymes always control the instrumental
The beat rides me, ain't no filler to kill her
Cuz' baby I just keep on getting iller and iller

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Artist: Cale Sampson
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: C-A-L-E

Cale Sampson
Check it out, were gonna do something special here
Every word that I say is gonna start with the letter "C"
And then "A", then "L" and then "E"
It's all gonna rhyme, and it's all gonna make sense
So put your listening caps on
Let's get into this

[Cale Sampson]
Cale's Crafty, Consistently Creative
Constantly Consciously Communicative
Commanding, Careful Concentration
Causing Consequential Complications
Calamity, Chaos, Confusion
Cataclysmic, Climactic Conclusions
Cleverly Contrived, Classified Content
Chronicled Courtesy Continuous Comments
Conveying, Crystal-Clear Conviction
Comprehensible, Comfortable Conditions
Crusading Cross-Country Competently
Consulting Compasses Confidently
Castaway Carrying Confidential
Combos Compiling Cardinal Credentials
Caliber, Counter Clockwise Calendar
Combating Carnivore, Cannibal Challengers
Arranging Articulate Alliances
Alphabetical, Audible Appliances
Above-Average, Atypical Anomaly
Athletically Abnormal Anatomically
Agile, Acrobatically Advanced
Absolutely Annihilating Anyone Against
Appreciated, Around and Abroad
Attentive Audiences Automatically Applaud
Acknowledging, An Admirable Aptitude
Amplified Appreciation, Astonished Attitudes
All Accounts Ahead Affirm Awful Aftermath
Among Afraid Attendants Anxiety Attacks
Alarming, Asthmatic Activation
Anguish, Agony, Aggravation
Accelerating Avidly, Abusing Anatomy
As Antidotes Are Applied Actively

Long Lost Lyrical Laborer Letting Loose
Lateral, Linear Lines Like Longitude
Lengthening Lithospheric Landscapes
Literally Locating Liquidizable Lakes
Leech Loaded Lagoons Lingering Latently
Luring Lizardly Locust Larva Lately
Lousy, Ludicrous, Lugubrious Lugs
Lazy, Lethargic, Lacking Lasting Love
Limitless Lunar Looking Luminous Light
Lucidly Levitating Liberating Life
Lecturing Loud, Lacerating Languish
Linguistical Levels Launching Language
Lucrative Lungs, Learning Large Lexicons
Leaping Ladders, Labyrinths, Leviathans
Larynx, Leadership, Listening, Lesson
Longevity, Legacy, Licensed Living Legend

Energetic, Exciting Entertainer
Elaborate, Effective Explainer
Exceeding Enormous Expectations
Every Exhalation's Education
Experimentation, Extreme Exploration
Exhibiting Evidential Evaluations
Eerie, Extraction Excavations
Erecting Enthusiastic Examinations
Emotionally Encouraging Entity
Embodying Extraordinary Energy
Electrified Enriched Eyewitnesses
Emitting Exhilarating Elicitness
Eclipsing Exuberant Explosiveness
Ecstatically Enjoying Euphorianess
Experiencing, Extravagant Events
Evidence Exposed, Each Eventually Ends

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Artist: Cale Sampson f/ More or Les
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: Best Foot Forward

[Intro: {*More or Les scratches*}]
"Making Moves"
"Up Next we got More or Les"
"And special guest Rhythmicru"
"Got some* *sick talents"
"On the beat, D-Ray the kid"
"On the mic, Cale the Lyricist"
"On the cuts, on the mic, L.E.S."
"Show them brothers you're nice"

[Verse 1: More or Les]
With the push of a button or the twist of a dial
You're getting this MC and plenty of shit* *they call style
Is what I bring, vocals that sing
My girlfriend says I have perfect pitch
And I ain't trying to waist a gift, but I'd rather be rapping
You know like lyrics, Emceeing
My whole life, so you're like hearing and seeing
The words like in bold type, underlined, even
Italicized, word perfect Son
I get you hooked from Chapter one
Like a murder mystery, Play the record theory
Hear the first forty seconds and wanna own it when I'm performing
It ain't much different, here to flow the distance
and rap great out the gate, rehearse that ass
I remove any doubt that you had
in the sound system, whether I go first or last

[Chorus: More or Les & Cale Sampson]
(More or Les)
Put my Best Foot Forward when rocking shows
From the beginning I got skills and want you all to know
(Cale Sampson)
I put my Best Foot Forward inside the booth
When I'm in the studio I always spit the truth
(More or Les)
I put my Best Foot Forward when writing rhymes
So I can give rap it's proper shine
I put my Best Foot Forward ( Forward ) Forward ( Forward )
Cause it's backwards to not show what you're worth

*[Verse 2: Cale Sampson]*
Yeah, these two Vans Warped tour vets
Perform sets 'till we have no vocals chords left
Forget a chord less, even with a sore chest
I can still rhyme all night on my porch steps
And if your CD stinks like horse breath
It'll just be tossed, like how a dwarf gets
That's why I always come freakier than porn sex
But you'll never hear like a baby that's born deaf
Don't you feel like were being ignored (Yes)
Hip hop's gotta take a look to the north next
Canada hasn't had much support yet
But we still aren't bitter like a divorced ex
And I don't need anymore stress
Find it hard to escape like indoor pets
More or Les and Cale with the chorus
You can sing it if you know it, or just do your best

[Chorus: Cale Sampson & More or Les]
(Cale Sampson)
I put my Best Foot Forward when it comes to friends
They know they can count on me to be there in the end
(More or Les)
I put my Best Foot Forward to make some dough
So my family and my business can grow
(Cale Sampson)
I put my Best Foot Forward everything that I do
Long as I'm trying my best, there's no way I can lose
I put my Best Foot Forward ( Forward ) Forward
Cause it's backwards to not show what you're worth

[Verse 3: More or Les & Cale Sampson]
(More or Les)
Good breakfast, firm handshake
Great blind date is what my rhymes are like
Hype out the starting blocks like ("C'mon feet")
rap-a-lete, handing off the baton to Cale, we don't fail
In this relay, it's D-Ray that runs the track
("Yeah I said it"), cause people download and they don't read credits
So I put my Best Foot Forward, to make sure that
Everybody gets represented
(Cale Sampson)
No doubt, so grab a headband and a pair of sweat pants
Our metaphors move faster than your legs can
And give you head cramps, like doing a keg stand
Only way that we'll stop is for the Red Ants
That stand out like breast implants
After this there will be no second chance
Especially if your style blows like dead amps
I'm like Napoleon when he led France
I put my Best Foot Forward

[Outro: {*More or Les scratches*}]
"Making moves…Forward" 8X

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Artist: Cale Sampson
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: The Facts of War

[Cale Sampson]
Oil is used primarily as a fuel
There's only fifty years left of it, it's non renewable
It's the gasoline in our automobiles
Everything plastic, and all package materials
Telephones, credit cards, toothpaste
Shampoo, glasses, aspirin, house paint
Cameras, tires, film, toys, tape
Are just some of the many products that oil can make
The largest consumer is the United States
Using twenty-five percent of all petroleum made
Half of that's imported, America needs help
By Two Thousand and Twelve domestically they'll run out
Now Iraq has the second largest oil reserve
Behind Saudi Arabia on the entire earth
One point One Trillion dollars it's worth
And there's plenty undiscovered land yet to be searched
Industrial countries, depend and rely
On the Middle East to maintain our styles of life
Just imagine, if they manipulated the price
So which Countries could grow, was up to them to decide
These denials that the war's really not about oil
Are completely unconvincing, it made my blood boil
When Colon Powell claimed it would be shared nice & equal
Held in a trusteeship for all the Iraqi people
C'mon, Who you really think will service these fields
Chevron Texaco and Exxon Mobil
The largest energy companies in the nation
Out to become the world's two richest corporations
And if you back Bush, you get a part of this
If you don't co-operate he makes it very hard to live
Gotta wonder, if Nine Eleven's just an excuse
To go through with something he already wanted to do
Man, check his track record, a brutal history
Why we don't know more about it still remains news to me
This President never served, when he was called upon
And pulled strings to avoid combat in Vietnam
Did you know the first oil drilling business he got
Lost lots of money and was a financial flop
Arbusto, became Bush Explorations
Hoping the family name would help it's reputation
Two years later it failed as well
He was bailed out by a College friend from Yale
When William Dewitt, bought his company out
Then merged it with Spectrum Seven as an offer of help
And immediately George Bush became C.E.O
But by Nineteen eighty-six, the same tale unfolds
A group of investors, with political motives
Appeared in the nick of time, to become his co-owners
Harken Energy, now listen close here
Paid him well over a Hundred-Thousand dollars a year
With a lack of experience, and financial debts
came an unbelievable chance for them to get rich
'Cause close to Iraq, is the Country Bahrain
Fearing an invasion by Saddam Hussein
They bypassed major U.S. oil chains
And gave Bush's company rights to drill their terrain
But by Nineteen-Ninety internal advisors
Warn of the company's potential demises
Already a Hundred and Fifty Mill' in the hole
And if Saddam invades Kuwait stock value will fall
One month later Bush decided to sell
Two-Thirds of the shares in Harken that he held
That's a lot, to dump at once on to the market
But good timing, he made a two-hundred percent profit
Eight Hundred and Fifty Grand on the deal
At it's top price on the exchange, what a sale
'Cause Eight days later Harken Oil reports
That it's down twenty-five percent and dropping more
Who's guilty of insider trading here
When you look at the facts George Bush should appear
Even though he insists, he never got information
And was unaware of any kind of dire situation
No one has ever announced who made the purchase
An unidentified buyer, it's almost perfect
He also violated S.E.C. regulations
To announce your deals to them, by a month after you make them
But dad was President, controlled the commission
In charge of investigating his own son's suspicion
And you wonder why, he was never punished
The case against him was dropped, now it's over & done with

* *

[Outro: 8X]

What do we want ( Peace ), when do we want it ( Now )**

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Artist: Cale Sampson
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: 2 Phenomenal Flows

Get ready y'all
To sing a little song with me
Lets give it all that we got
You gotta try and keep up
Just follow me
It goes like this

[Chorus 2X]
Alright ( Alright ) Alright ( Alright )
Right Here ( Right Here ) Right Here ( Right Here )
Hear This ( Hear This ) Hear This ( Hear This )
This Flow ( This Flow ) This Flow ( This Flow )

[Verse 1]**
My words emerge and splurge in many herds
While every verb observed is heard and later merged
Don't learn to be discouraged, disturbed or get deterred
From unassured concerns, prefer to surge superb
Test your courage, to encourage what's on your nerves
I'm on the verge of a flow that'll leave people submerged
In reserve, conserved and it's preserved
So that when I'm overheard you won't believe what just occurred
I'm getting you lured, into the rhythm of lyricism
Givin' visions of livin' in realism divisions
Driven by revisions in collisions of indecisions
Organism risen from origins and beginnings
Making you listen efficiently and sufficient
Different emissions dismissin' and quizzin' all them deficients
Unconditioned, positions who petition the wisdom
When their greatest competition's opposite to opposition
That's the premonition, existin' in definition
Ain't no repetition of superstitions will be assistin'
Distant, inefficient, inconsistent, inhibitions
Insistently persistin' on twistin' the unforgiven
I venture on a mission, for inner recognition
Cognitional condition erases all your suspicion
Hidden inquisition trapped in memory reminiscence
Break you down like malnutrition or human decompositions


[Verse 2]**
Linguistically, expertisedly, non deceivingly
With decency were pleasin' peeps using frequencies of recentcy
Unconceivably the word fat becomes obesity
Leisurely with easity these sounds move evenly
Appeasin' me, pleasin' me, I don't need to be in your regency
To make it so your feelin' me, hearin' me, seein' me
Absorbing the scenery, unbelievably clear to see
That everybody near to me is thinking coherently
Hope you listen to the oracle, I'm super metaphorical
Extremely portable through audio recordables
Unignorable, my words are so informable
Try and absorb it all, you'll find it's very rewardful
Entering another orbital, never been explored before
Where energy's restorable and equally proportional
Everybody's got eachother's backs, were supportable
Survival is affordable, our lives are gloryful
Head to our heals, we feel internal appeal
Like hunger satisfied from nutritional meals
Surreal starvation, refusing to yield
Everything I consume gets locked inside and concealed


"2 Phenomenal Flows"

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Artist: Cale Sampson f/ Memo, Nfact, Second Thought
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: Fate

[Intro: Memo]
Yeah, okay
Must have been fate man

[Verse 1: Memo]
Just across town there's a guy laying in a bed
Who just had a sex with a waitress he just met
While she's gone to the bathroom, he reminisces
Off of a night that actually turned out alright
More than usual he's lonely
Used to staying home, mainly watching movies with his homeys
But this evening was the night that his luck changed for him
Out of boredom, he was out doing groceries
Bumped into this girl in the candy aisle
Asked her what's her name, girl laughed and smiled
Now imagine her baby looked smashing
Attractive, japanime type of passion
Type of ass, you'd love to tap if you had the cash
And if you're the mack even then you'd cum twice in her
They had a nice dinner, hit the beach for some night swimming
Then they hit the club for a dance and some light drinking
After that they hit the crib spot so they could kick back
Smoke some pot, take their clothes off

[Chorus: Memo}
Fate is a strange thing, put your self in the way of the world
Fate is a strange thing, put your self in the way of the world
Fate is a strange thing, put your self in the way of the world
Fate is a strange thing, put your self in the way of the world

[Verse 2: Second Thought]
A young man stands at a microphone
Mad skills with a pen so he writes his own
Cold nights alone, when his lights is on
He immerses himself in a frightening zone
And that's when he feels it come
When he's there with a snare and the perfect drum
And that it all comes back you see
'Cuz for the last six months he's been practising
He wanna crack the scene, gotta hit 'em with his best shot
In the booth, one take like S-Dot
Beat drops and he nails the shit
Yeah he never would have failed at this
So the track gets pressed, guess what comes next
Time to put that shit to the test
And so they play it on the radio
The whole world goes nuts "Hey way to go!"

[Bridge: Second Thought]
It must have been fate
Yo they really loved that track man
Must have been fate


[Verse 3: Cale Sampson]
Downtown a single mom wishes
Her luck turns around 'cuz her life just isn't
Moving forward, stuck doing dishes
With only one income isn't what she envisioned
Different men come and go but they don't give her
The love she deserves, she knows they won't deliver
Every relationship she's been hurt
But it's only built strength deep within her
She needs it, all her family's gone
Now all she has is a little boy to keep her strong
Always be there for him, sacrificing
The rest of her life just to support them
Truth is, she can barely afford to
Even though she probably works more than you
Her fate, ain't to follow in the footsteps
Of the family tree or end up depressed
No way, she's gonna break the pattern
Best day of her life was the day she had him
And one day she's gonna own a home
And he'll be the first one to graduate she knows


[Verse 4: Nfact}
When I ask why, too blind to see
Why I can't get by and it's probably me
Content with the pain entirely
Wanna blame it all on society
'Cuz I chill all day on the corner drunk
With my crew in the same old corner funk
Say we gonna get rich, how we gonna stunt
Chop blaze, shop viles, be a baller y'all
Now twenty years passed with the same old fib
The same old crib, complaining about the same old shit
Still dreaming how to change all this
Brother watch years go by and think of all the things you miss ( c'mon )

[Outro: Nfact]
Fate is a strange thing, put your self in the way of the world
Fate is a strange thing, put your self in the way of the world

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Artist: Cale Sampson
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: Just Skills

[Intro 12X: Sample from "Forward Motion" by Rhythmicru]
Cale the Lyricist

[Verse 1]
A prominent communicator, clever rhyme creator
Arranging more connections than phone operators
I represent myself, not here to be a savior
Cale's put in years of labor without asking any favors
Ain't no center of attention, spotlight competer
Who's ego always needs to be fed like parking meters
Looking for compliments, to find confidence
Than acting like a know it all, using faulty omniscience
I'll kick an acapella, become a fortune teller
So you start to listen closer with the more I got to tell ya
Rhyming at the max, where I play with people's fate
Prone to blow you all away like candles on a birthday cake
I always set it off like happy new year fireworks
Explosions are heard across the entire earth
And in a sec, when I'm done with this last metaphor
It'll be time to stop period like menopause

(Just Skills) when I grip this microphone and spit
(It's Just Skills) when I make you throw yours hands up in a fit
(What) Nothing but skills ( Right here ) Just Skills
Nothing but skills, yo this is all Just Skills

"My Lyrics are Awesome" - Maestro Fresh-Wes
* *
[Verse 2]
I'm gonna start to flow, release and let it go
With no direction or particular destinal
The highly credible, poetical, professional
About to let you know I always have a point like decimals
Skepticals get sent to medical correctional
Shocked with electric volts and treated unethical
My unforgettable, aesthetical, spectacles
They couldn't see with spectacles or even hear through decibals
Ingesting whole microphones, to me their edible
I'm a hungry MC that intends on getting full
The tip of my tongue divides into tentacles
Wrapping you up with a clutch that's unpreventable
My diet's not full of fatty high cholesterol ( No )
Hard digestables that sit in large intestinals
Mixing chemicals like scientific academical
Intellectuals working on a new inventible **

(Just Skills) when I grip this microphone and spit
(It's Just Skills) when I make you throw yours hands up in a fit
(What) Nothing but skills ( Right here ) Just Skills
Nothing but skills, yo this is all Just Skills

"My Lyrics are Awesome" - Maestro Fresh-Wes

[Verse 3]
I'm sicker, than any disease human beings
Are eligible to receive whenever we breathe
Guaranteed to make you freeze, with verbal expertise
That'll blow you away like mucus when you sneeze
Gonna have to think about what you just heard
A subliminal metaphor only a few could observe
Always a step ahead, moving continuous
Probably faster than your brain to body response stimulus
Feel the breeze from these lyrics as they pass ya
Be prepared to catch the next rhyme coming after
Natural disaster on a path right at' cha
About to spill my guts like oil tankers in Alaska
I'm an active volcano, burning islands to ash
Got villagers running fast, trying to escape in rafts
Watching their backs, attempting to paddle off
From a flow that gets so rough, it could drown David Hasselhoff
Massive tidal waves with lyrical sprays
Releasing funk like skunks afraid of becoming prey
My thought velocity, will make you stop and hold still
Like animals just before they're squashed into road kill

(Just Skills) when I grip this microphone and spit
(It's Just Skills) when I make you throw yours hands up in a fit
(What) Nothing but skills ( Right here ) Just Skills
Nothing but skills, yo this is all Just Skills

"Cale the Lyricist" – Rhythmicru
"My Lyrics are Awesome" – Maestro Fresh Wes

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Artist: Cale Sampson f/ D-Ray
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: Hip Hop Head

[Verse 1: D-Ray]
I do this 'cuz I love it, the slam of the drum kit
The hands at the jams from the fans in the public
I do it unemployed, enjoying what they're giving me
A man that's still a boy and to avoid responsibility
I do it for attention, and when they say I'm good
I'm representing more than just my city or my neighbourhood
It's for experience it isn't the wealth
And if I ever thought of quitting I'd be kidding myself
I do it for the people that I meet when I travel who
Notice the promotion from the sticker on the avenue
I do it because I stay committed like the tattoo
It's 'cuz I want to, I need to, I have to
I do it for the etiquette of heads that are getting it
To record the present and later on remember it
(Why) because it gets me high like drugs
I do it for the ride, the vibe, the buzz
I do it for precision and the inner recognition
It's the fix of the addiction and the thrill of competition
(Listen) it's got a name of you asking
I do it for the pleasure, the pain, and the passion
I do it for my little brother Simon, so my rhyming
Inspires him to take over for me in my retirement
Hopefully he sees, it ain't only for the G's
You've gotta love the feeling of just rolling up your sleeves
I do this for devotion and I plan to keep it rolling
'Till I one day get a visit from my family in Poland
It's for a higher power, maybe up above
And in a way you could say I do it for the love

[Bridge: Cale Sampson & D-Ray}
It's for the love y'all (it's for the love)
It's for the love y'all (yeah it's for the love)
For the love of hip hop ( it's for the love)
It's for the love y'all

"One Love" - Nas

[Chorus: Cale Sampson & D-Ray]
And if your honey starts to whine, and there's money on the line
And all you wanna do is rhyme (You're a Hip Hop Head)
And if it hits you in the spirit, almost every time you hear it
And you listen for the lyrics (You're a Hip Hop Head)
And if you got the jones, to rap and write poems
And you feel it in your bones (You're a Hip Hop Head)
And if you're trying to make progress, and you're broke but regardless
You support the local artist (You're a Hip Hop Head)

[Verse 2: Cale Sampson]
Eh yo I do this, little thing called music
I choose it over everything
No need to prove it, I'm part of a movement
Influence bigger than you'd ever dream
And I've been doing it since I was a little puny kid
Improved a bit with every single tune I did
I grew with it 'till it consumed me
And you can ask anyone who ever knew me
How come I do this? "it's therapeutic!"
I just want you to understand what my mood is
And the truth is I'd be stupid
To deny how I feel 'cuz I can't refuse it
Even when I try I can't seem to lose it
Probably puke it if I couldn't speak
I'll do it 'till I die, they said I wouldn't reach
A level this high, some people shouldn't preach
I do it for the kids who look up to me
Even though when I go home, I've got nothing to eat
Gotta keep doing this for all the emcees
I've ever rhymed with who you'll never know
For the rush that I get at every show
Where I've touched someone's heart and they've let me know
I do 'cuz there's nothing else that compares to it
Do it for my friends who tell me they always knew it
Do it for my family who never doubted me
It means so much 'cuz I know they're proud of me
I do this 'cuz hip hop runs through my blood
This culture is one thing that I'll always love

[Chorus: Cale Sampson & D-Ray]
And if your honey starts to whine, and there's money on the line
And all you wanna do is rhyme (You're a Hip Hop Head)
And if it hits you in the spirit, almost every time you hear it
And you listen for the lyrics (You're a Hip Hop Head)
And if you got the jones, to rap and write poems
And you feel it in your bones (You're a Hip Hop Head)
And if you're trying to make progress, and you're broke but regardless
You support the local artist (You're a Hip Hop Head)

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Artist: Cale Sampson
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: 1994 to 96

Yo, I remember when I just a little kid
Growing up, listening to hip hop
Back in like 94, 1995, 96
These were the tunes that influenced me
And that I was feeling

[Cale Sampson]
Let me take a trip down memory lane
To 1994 when Tical brang the pain
When all I needed was Common Sense
And One More Chance, to Represent, Represent
'Cuz whose world was this, the world was mine
The most beautifullest things in this world, to me were rhymes
Intertwined over Premier beats
That had Mass Appeal, teaching the Code of the Streets
Questions remained, Black Moon asked this
"How many mc's must get dissed!"
Before they get it together and communicate ill
Sure shot smiff-n-wessun, stray bullets that kill
Confused, unorganized, just to let you know
That was a metaphor for a freaky, freaky, freaky flow
Like the one resurrected from I Used to Love Her
A hip hop classic, matched by few others
Do you want more, "I shall proceed!"
To spark Mad-izm, on the mic casually
'Cuz that's how it was, and that's how it is
In 1994 I was still a young kid
Tip-toeing on the wrong side of the tracks
Between a rock and a hard place, I found Artifacts
They asked me to c'mon get down with the get down
And give y'all a sample of how that year's hits sound
So much Juicy, Flava in my ear
From O.C. to Beatnuts an unbelievable year
Although some Gravediggaz attempted suicide
9-5 showed the vibe wasn't yet Ready to Die
Aceyalone had the earth's greatest show
Still Wannabemc's act like they don't know
It's Survival of the Fittest, man Rappers are in danger
When the east is in the house, Oh My God, Danger
Straight from Brooklyn, Brooklyn Zoo
To the dirty south, come get some soul food
Damn, we could go coast to coast
With Alkaholiks, I'd like to propose a toast
To the hip hip, the hop ya don't stop ( don't stop )
Das Efx brought the real hip hop ( hop )
Holdin' it down as The Pharcyde dropped
Labcabincalifornia, Genius shadowboxed
In a cold world, up against the wall
I tried to be Livin' Proof, on how to not fall
The pain I felt, I used to drink it away
Then I recognized I can't keep Runnin' away
'Cuz music made me high, "How High!"
So high that I could see what my soul looked like
From funky doobies that would make me trip
The next thing I knew it was 1996 **
Once again, my life was all about beats and rhymes
Innovative albums symbolized changing times
DJ Shadow and The Automator
Played Instrumental roles in providing new flavor
Bare witness, to Dr. Octagon
Kept it real raw, "Blue Flowers was the song!"
Along their quest Tribe felt Stressed Out
And Akinyele told the ladies to "Put it in your mouth!"
Ready or not, here I come
Whooo-Hah, respect to all the true honey buns
Not playin' themself, only out for the papes
With no De La Soul, but y'all know the stakes
I'm the C to the A the L to the E
And can't no other MC cook these delicacies
Just me and you, your momma and your cousin too
A bunch of Outkasts, man it must be in The Roots
R double O-T-S, check the flow
Pushed up ya lighters, when they came for a show
In your area, throughout your Section
For three years, wait 'til they hear about the next ones
Whateva Man, this is only the beginning
Moving at the speed of life, my foundation I'm Xzibiting
'Cuz this is what I think, when I sit and reminisce
Of my inspirations from 94 to 96

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Artist: Cale Sampson
Album: Cale Sampson
Song: Cale Sampson

Lets take it back in time man
Here's a glimpse into my childhood

[Chorus: 2X]
I want you to see everything that I've been through before

[Verse 1]
When I was just a little kid I lived in a fantasy
'Cuz I needed to escape all of the insanity
Had to find a medium, a mode to express
The heavy load on my chest that made me totally stressed
Eight years old with no siblings or father
He never bothered to help me and my mother get started
Every six months there was a different apartment
Shame from being poor almost left me broken hearted
No joke, crooks would try to crawl through my window
In the middle of the night while I was sleeping in limbo
Paralysed by fear, still I had to get up
And try to scare them face to face 'till their asses give up
When mom's was at work, I'd hear bangs at my door
And look through the peephole at gangs in the corridor
I saw hookers, drunks, arrests, and drug raids
All the finer things in life witnessed at a young age
Can't even tell you all the times I got chased
By glue sniffing scum targeting me as prey
And one time I remember I just barely got away
When I snuck through that door and slammed it right on his face
I've seen suicide, homicide, friends die of aids
Stuff that makes you awkward so I just don't ever say it
For your sake, that's why I write it down on these pages
Then release it in studios, ciphers, and on stages

[Chorus 1]
Judge a book by it's cover (What's inside)
My name's Cale Sampson, I've got nothing to hide
And I ain't gotta be nice, you don't know where I've been
If you can't tell who I am, or recognise what I've seen

"I want you to see everything that I've been through before" - 2X

[Verse 2]
In grade one, they thought I was a problem kid
So they sent me twice a week to a child psychologist
Who wrote her honour's essay on the mind of little Cale
And published in some academic journal is my tale
When I'd go to set the table for breakfast or supper
There would be cockroaches crawling all over the kitchen cupboard
In my cereal bowl, plus inside my shoes
When I'd try to put them on in the morning for school
And not to mention, that I've got an older brother
Who I've never met before born to another mother
Probably never see him 'till the day my father dies
Man he lives in London England where he's struggled all his life
Most of us have had it rough, ain't looking for no pity
Moved across town to the other side of the city
To start fresh again, where I didn't know no one
It's where I discovered music and these rhymes started from


[Verse 3]
I was nine years old when I wrote my first rhyme
Inspired by these dreads in my lobby freestylin'
Didn't care I was young, or the fact I was white
Little did I know how that moment would change my life
With words of encouragement they told me to write
Could have shattered my dreams, instead they helped me get tight
And a couple years later after I moved away
I saw their video on TV, then they faded away
("Put your guns down, put 'em down!") that's right
Cale became a monster when placed behind a mic
While all the other kids drew pictures in class
I would stand up at the front during show and tell and rap
Been working ever since through tears, sweat and blood
I've crawled through mud, now all I feel is love
So anyone that's doubted me and wondered why I do this
Hope you've found a medium that's equally as therapeutic


Yeah, so now you know
It feels good to get that out
And even if I could
I wouldn't change anything
I'm thankful

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